Montana was founded in September 2017 in Forl, Italy, by a group of nine experts from various fields who shared a passion for hemp and its infinite worlds. Following the inauguration of the first official shop in Forl in October of that year, many more inaugurations occurred in a matter of weeks, and MONTANA FIRST was dotted all throughout Emilia-Romagna, shortly moving abroad.

The company, which includes a showroom, 30 franchise shops, and several hundred dealers across the country, employs 25 people at its headquarters.


MONTANA FIRST, on the other hand, did not stop there, and quickly decided to focus on the European market, which greeted the brand’s initiative and foresight with open arms.

MONTANA FIRST has several key agreements with Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, and Greece as a worldwide brand; in the last year, France, Spain, and Portugal have also joined the MONTANA FIRST company.


The goals reached and barriers broken in the three years since the company’s debut have considerably exceeded the founders’ initial expectations. Today, we intend to extend and cement our presence throughout Europe, with the goal of expanding even further.


The GROWERS DEPARTMENT, unquestionably the company’s flagship, sows, pampers, grows, and harvests all of the flowers sold in the shops, maintaining complete control over the supply chain at all stages.


The official MONTANA FIRST website is more than just a display for a major franchise and its e-commerce; it aspires to be a one-stop shop for anything related to legal cannabis: its editorial staff publishes news, insights, and curiosities on all areas of hemp every day (light and not). The editors strive to increase reader awareness of the subject by providing regularly updated material.

It’s hard to break through the barriers of preconceptions and false notions that our culture instils in us, stopping us from enjoying the numerous uses and wonderful effects of our beloved cannabis, without a foundation of information.

The editors of MONTANA FIRST magazine are young, creative, and energetic; they come from a variety of backgrounds, which adds variety and freshness to the Montana First Communication team.


MONTANA FIRST SRL, Viale Roma 203 A/B, 47122 Forli, Italy (FC)


04344770401 is the VAT number.

+39 0543 093663 (Administrative Office)


+39 333 2601205 Orders and Shipments Office