Why do state governments delay the inevitable?

The results of the investigation into the use of cannabis in Victoria were published on Thursday with comments from Dan Andrews that instantly shut down any idea that his government would legalize or even decriminalize cannabis. However, comments from the Victoria Police have simply shown how irrational their organization is. Over $ 1.1 billion spent by Australia controlling cannabis nationwide, yet regardless of that massive determination, Victorian police even said they have no control over the industry, with an estimated 1,500 illegal grow houses of cannabis statewide. The Age reported that Victoria's economic system would derive significant monetary benefits from the legalization and / or decriminalization of cannabis. Estimates prepared by the State Parliament indicate that Victoria would save $ 725 million in 10 years due to a reduction in the costs of justice and police. Going the extra step and legalizing cannabis for sale without a prescription, with a 30 percent tax, would bring the state $ 835 million in a decade. But any regulatory reform would mean the police wouldn't get cool new toys like their heat-seeking helicopters to fly and catch criminals.

3 cannabis fresh green leaves on a plain background Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Glenn Weir mentioned that the use, cultivation and trafficking of cannabis is causing "significant damage" to the neighborhood. This damage is particularly common in younger people and can manifest itself in psychological well-being problems, unemployment, educational problems, affiliation with antisocial peers, and participation in criminal offenses. Treating cannabis because the 'fridge craze' and 'dangerous drugs' propaganda promoted over the last century, while remaining in prohibition, causes much more harm. It results in people being forced to interact with criminals. Fear of seeking help for health problems as a result of a taboo. Regulate commerce, stop the circulation of billions of dollars to criminal organizations around the world each year, and create thousands of native jobs. There is no logical sense to continue fighting the fight for cannabis. It has failed. The only people who benefit from the conflict in medicine are criminals and ironically, the police. Australians are using documented levels of cannabis. Most now need it fully legalized. Why are state governments delaying the inevitable?

Additionally, a 15-foot-tall sequence of acrylic lotus flowers lines the ceiling. At night, visitors to the 24-hour dispensary can actively manage the LED flower lights via a pair of command consoles located on the floor stage. You can also make your mark on the building via Planet 13's interactive art wall with laser-tipped "spray paint" cans. The effects are particularly impressive after dark. As soon as inside the building, after checking in with the front desk, visitors can get their Billie Jean-era Michael Jackson due to a pressure-sensitive earth screen that reacts every time they step on it. During Engadget's tour of the facility, we walked on digital water through a simulated Koi pond, but as explained by David Farris, Planet 13's director of sales, it can be reprogrammed to point out many patterns, from simple bursts of smooth to elaborate. galactic effects. The dispensary itself offers friends a couple of visible treats: a lingering "Visible 3D Projection Experience" that, as its title suggests, projects 3D laser images onto the ceiling of the room; and an air orb present every two hours in which several glowing globes slowly meander through the room overhead.

However, the dispensary is not finished yet. As Farris explained, the company is already working to expand its services to incorporate a cafeteria, restaurant and open production facility, where guests can see the buds being cared for and concentrates made, stay. Ultimately, Planet 13 hopes to build a salon where customers can safely. Conveniently devour your marijuana-based purchases. And as long as the existing dispensary is on a 112,000-square-foot lot, the company has plenty of room to develop. They are already starting to organize events on the site just as effectively. The teams were busy preparing for a virtual reality convention in a meeting room on the main concourse during our visit. Now, it remains to be seen if Planet 13 customers will accept those expansions. While we've been there, guests didn't pay much attention to accessible points of interest in their dispensary solution. Okay, we visited at 9am on a Wednesday when pretty much every place on the strip was just that subdued. However, Planet 13's options are certainly unique. The retail space isn't like any dispensary you've ever visited before, more like an Apple Store's Genius Bar than your run-of-the-mill marijuana store. And with upcoming expansions, Planet thirteen will function less like a large Walmart or Costco-like retail store and more like a full-fledged mall. All beneficial Engadget merchandise is selected by our impartial editorial team from our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, we may earn an affiliate fee.

Las Vegas is not a city for half measures. So it comes as no surprise that when the state of Nevada legalized recreational cannabis in July 2017, Sin Metropolis took the model of the cannabis dispensary and added a bit of the over-the-top magic of Las Vegas. The end result: Planet 13, a 40,000-square-foot dispensary, the largest of its kind on Earth. However, Planet thirteen is not just a massive warehouse of weed, even though it carries many and hundreds of cannabis-derived products. The dispensary is a leisure vacation spot unto itself with a variety of art installations created by designer Todd Moyer and high-tech actions designed to delight visitors, whether they have smoked before or not. Customers are greeted by several of those facilities before they even set foot in power. The main entrance to the dispensary is protected by a huge 18-foot LED water balloon. diameter that emits mist and mist to create a hypnotic atmosphere and decidedly Bellagiatic effect.