What’s A Nick, A Dime, A Dub And A Key?

In states with legalized marijuana, most weed is measured in grams or ounces. There are eighths, quarters, halves and full ounces. Before weed was authorized, code phrases had been assigned to totally different portions of cannabis to maintain issues discreet. The terminology nonetheless lives on to this present day as part of the tradition. Dealers in states with out authorized marijuana nonetheless use phrases like nick, dime, dub and key with their clientele. Each time period represents the value or amount of weed. We’ll go over the variations so you may make sure that you already know what you’re paying for when somebody gives you a dime or dub.


In the case of a time period like dime, just one factor is constant: the quantity you’re paying. A dime is principally ten dollars value of weed. The precise quantity will range by supplier. Some dimes are near a gram in weight whereas others will barely fill a single blunt. Tiny plastic baggies known as “dime bags” are designed to carry half a gram to a gram of weed.

The precise title comes from the truth that the phrase dime has been used as a slang time period for the phrase ten for a very long time. For instance, saying somebody is a dime is synonymous with calling them a ten.


Much like the dime, the one factor constant a few dub is the quantity you’re paying. In case your seller is giving out reductions they could supply a “fifteen greenback dub” which suggests the identical quantity they normally provide you with for twenty however for 5 dollars much less. The amount is often a gram or increased. If somebody you by no means met affords you a fifteen dollar dub it most likely won’t be a lot greater than a gram. Alternatively, an ordinary dub is wherever between one to at least one and a half grams of weed.

The precise title comes from the phrase “dubs” which is a slang time period for rims which are a minimum of twenty inches. A dub sack refers to a plastic baggie designed to carry a gram or extra of weed.


Key is a time period you’ll solely right here when you’re round giant portions of cannabis or cocaine. It’s brief for the phrase kilo which implies thousand. On this case, it refers to 1 thousand grams. One kilo is about 2.2 pounds. The value of a key isn’t as constant as it’s with a nick, dime or dub.


In essentially the most determined of occasions, sellers get requested for nicks. A nick is brief for a nickel which refers to half of a dime. Five dollars will get you a quarter of a gram of some wonderful natural weed or a couple of half gram of some trash. Either approach, it’s simply sufficient for a few bowl packs. A nickel bag has simply sufficient house for a couple of quarter gram of weed.

Final Hit: A Dime, A Dub And A Key

Dime, dub, nick and key are all slang phrases used to consult with completely different costs or portions of cannabis. If you reside in a state that has but to legalize marijuana, you should must make the most of these phrases to speak along with your provider. To individuals in states with legalized marijuana, phrases like nick are in all probability only a reminder of their former struggles.