What Is Weed Resin?

Resin is each a sticky insoluble natural compound secreted by plants and the tar-like residue that builds up in pipes, bongs, and different glass items after many classes of cannabis combustion. Some folks might also use the time period resin to consult with reside resin, a solvent-primarily based focus made from contemporary cannabis plants. But product labels at all times specify dwell resin on this case.

Resin from the plant

You’ve in all probability observed the tiny hairs that cowl the cannabis plant, making a crystal-like sheen and sticky really feel. These glandular hairs are known as trichomes. These trichomes are held along with resin, which incorporates the cannabinoids, terpenes, and different compounds for which the cannabis plant is understood. You may consider weed resin because the stuff that holds all of the trichome-produced compounds collectively on the trichome head.

Cannabis produces resin primarily to deter pests. Resin is bitter and incorporates particular terpenes that repel sure pests. Linalool, for instance, is a standard terpene in cannabis that used as an ingredient in insecticides as a consequence of its pest-killing properties. Resin additionally protects the plant from overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Helps it maintain optimum floor-degree humidity so the plant does not dry out.

How is resin collected from the cannabis plant?


Hashish, or just hash, is a solvent-free cannabis focus composed of weed resin or trichome glands. Hash-making is an historical artwork relationship again hundreds of years. It entails sifting a cannabis plant to harvest the resin glands, then compressing these glands below mild heat.


Charas is made by hand-rubbing the nonetheless-rising cannabis plant then rolling the collected resin into small balls.

Dry sift

Dry sift, also called kief, is resin sifted from cannabis by means of a sieve. Dry sift could be pressed and heated to create hash, sprinkled right into a joint or bowl, or utilized in edibles.

Pros of amassing resin

There are plenty of makes use of for cannabis resin – some more practical than others. If you separate resin from the cannabis plant, you are basically gathering all the plant’s fascinating compounds. Collecting resin from a cannabis plant is like customizing a social media feed to solely present you belongings you wish to see. You’re separating the energetic compounds from the uncooked plant materials, distilling the plant’s potency and results. Concentrates made from resin glands are inherently extra potent than flower, accounting for the meteoric rise of concentrates throughout the cannabis market.

With correct safety from outdoors parts – heat, humidity, mild, and air – weed resin can have an extended shelf life. Resin additionally naturally protects its personal cannabinoids from oxygen, particularly when pressed into hash, which causes the resin to darken. This darkish brown colour and opaqueness protect lively compounds from UV gentle, extending the product’s shelf life.

Resin from a pipe

Cannabis combustion creates byproducts – largely ash, tar, and carbon – that construct up in smoking implements like pipes and bowls.

Does smoking pipe resin get you excessive?

Basically, the THC content material of resin that is constructed up in a bong or pipe is kind of low. And whereas there could also be some residual THC in resin, it is going to style harsh and include extra tar than helpful compounds. In brief, smoking resin present in a bong is one thing folks do, however the dangers outweigh the advantages.

No matter whether or not it’s derived from cannabis or one other supply, smoking tar is dangerous. It’s possible you’ll not have skilled any harmful negative effects if you have taken resin hits out of your pipe or bowl as soon as or twice in a pinch. But it is in all probability price ready till you get some extra flower or focus, relatively than smoking one thing with minimal THC content material that is additionally worse in your lungs.

Frequently requested questions

What’s the most effective option to take away resin out of your pipe and fingers? Place your pipe or bowl in a sealable plastic bag. Fill it with rubbing alcohol till your complete piece is submerged. Add a teaspoon of desk salt (sodium chloride) or Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), both of which is able to act as a scrubber or sponge for the resin. Leave the pipe or bowl to soak within the bag for about 12 hours, giving the alcohol sufficient time to dissolve the resin. Rubbing alcohol can be a quick. Effective methodology for eradicating resin out of your palms. Rubbing your fingers with vegetable or olive oil may safely take away resin and be extra gentle in your pores and skin.

How a lot THC is in resin?

Leftover resin doesn’t include very a lot THC. Instead, the sticky resin that builds up in your pipes, bowls, vaporizers, and bongs is generally tar, ash, and carbon – all by-merchandise of the combustion course of. Ultimately, leftover resin does include some THC, and also you may even really feel just a little bit excessive after smoking it, however in comparison with flower and concentrates, the leftover resin could be very low in THC and the well being dangers outweigh the advantages.

Can you utilize a vaporizer to smoke resin?

Yes, it is potential to eat pipe resin utilizing a vaporizer. However, just like smoking resin, you are unlikely to get a adequate quantity of cannabinoids and terpenes. Putting resin in your vaporizer may additionally gunk it up and negatively influence the odor and style of your vape hits.