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29 accessions have been reproduced. At the Penza Institute of Agriculture, five hemp accessions belonging to the Central Russia group were planted in remote plots. In addition, ripening types from the south of France and Germany have been included (Table 5). Accession No. 58 from Russia was downplayed and stolen and only a few plants survived. Two accessions confirmed poor germination. Seed produced with less than one hundred g of seed. 5 accessions were maintained. The replicas in isolated plots in the Donskoy Department of the Oil Crops Institute were not profitable. All five accessions from Russia and Ukraine planted (Table 6) have been stolen. One plant (No. 131 from Ukraine) was probably preserved, however it produced a small amount of seeds. This experience will mean that we must discontinue cooperation with this station. Inside the Pushkin Laboratories greenhouses, 16 monoecious hemp accessions have been kept in insulated boxes (Desk 7). A periodic inspection and removal of dioecious persons was carried out. Due to the small variety of plants, seed production here was negligible.

Cannabis terapeutica, via libera della PugliaSpring droughts and arid winds in the southern and central regions of the country (along with Kuban, Ustimovka, Yekaterinino, and Donskoy Branch) induced poor germination. At Yekaterinino and Ustimovka stations, drought continued throughout the summer season, resulting in small seed production from almost all accessions. The climatic situations in the Kuban station were equally unfavorable for all crops, along with the maize and castor bean fields, where isolated plots of hemp had been placed. The corn did not develop ears and was therefore harvested early for green forage, requiring premature harvesting of the hemp plants. The castor plants had been very short (less than 1 m) and did not hide the hemp plants, they were later stolen. In the Pavlovsk station, the spring was dry and the summer was wet and cold. The hemp plants hadbeen unusually small and underperforming. Fifteen accessions of Swedish and Central Russian varieties have been planted. in isolated plots (Desk 1). One accession did not germinate, two were cut prematurely and 12 reproduced, along with 4 that produced less than 100 g of seed.