Easy Methods To Trim Marijuana Buds Fast

Some individuals take pleasure in trimming as a result of it’s a very good alternative to attach with the plant, particularly if you’ve been rising it for months. But some dread trimming as a result of it’s so monotonous.

Whichever sort you might be, know that trimming even solely a few plants will take hours, even days. Make sure to have some good albums or podcasts queued up, and it at all times helps to have a good friend or two serving to out. You’ll have loads of bud to spare.

Why is trimming marijuana essential?

Trimming removes buds from plants, chopping off branches, stems, and sugar and fan leaves. All of those are harsh to smoke and don’t include many trichomes, though they do have just a little.

When wet trimming, eradicating all that pointless plant matter additionally reduces the moisture content material of buds, permitting for a extra even dry.

Cannabis additionally takes on a tighter, extra uniform look and has extra bag attraction when trimmed.

Wet vs. dry cannabis trimming

There are two methods to go about trimming weed, every with professionals and cons.

Wet marijuana trimming

Wet trimming occurs multi functional sitting: You’ll minimize down the plant, lower buds off branches-referred to as “bucking”-trim the buds, after which place them on a drying rack, the place they’ll sit for a couple of days.

– Removing sugar and fan leaves is less complicated-they get shriveled and dried up in dry trimming

– With much less moisture-stuffed foliage hooked up to the flowers, drying will occur extra rapidly; this may be useful in humid climates the place mold is a priority

– If you’re tight on house, wet trimming removes a bulk of the plant to start with, so that you don’t must dangle complete plants as much as dry

– Trimming wet may also provide you with a tighter and extra aesthetically pleasing closing product

– Many argue that as a result of buds are stickier when being dealt with, trichomes stay intact, which preserves terpenes and flavors in the ultimate product


Wet trimming may be very sticky. Trichomes will get in your fingers, your trimming shears, your physique, the whole lot. Gloves are beneficial; rubbing alcohol or coconut oil is important.

Dry marijuana trimming

With dry trimming, you’ll minimize down the plant and dangle the entire thing to dry for a number of days first. When it’s dry, you’ll buck buds off branches and trim them.


– Keeping leaves on to start with makes the drying course of slower; this may be nice in arid climates, as a fast dry may cause excess terpene loss

– It’s quite a bit much less messy-trichomes harden as weed dries, decreasing the quantity of get-on-all the pieces stickiness


– Those much less-sticky, much less-messy trichomes are additionally extra brittle and vulnerable to breaking; you’ll must handle your crop with care to preserve trichomes and THC ranges

– Hanging complete plants takes up considerably extra space than in case you discard excess plant materials first; ensure that you might have sufficient drying house earlier than dry trimming

Marijuana trimming instruments wanted

To trim weed, you will have:

– Scissors (for trimming buds)

– Pruners (useful for large branches)

– Comfortable chair and space

– A clear floor, like a desk

– Tray/bowl and a clear floor

– Rubbing alcohol

– Rags

– Proper clothes (ones that may get sticky)

– Entertainment

Tips on how to trim cannabis buds

After you’ve arrange your drying room and trimming space, and your weed plants are prepared to come back down, it’s time to get trimming.

Whether trimming wet or dry, the strategy of trimming buds is similar.

Step 1: Cut down the plant and minimize off branches

Using a stable pair of pruning shears, reduce off branches, breaking the plant down into smaller items till you get to the primary stalk of the plant, which might get minimize off near the soil.

If dry trimming, you’ll hold the plant for drying now, both in its entirety or its smaller branches. Take a look at extra on drying right here. Drying plants might be prepared for trimming when stems snap. Don’t bend-normally 3-7 days later.

If wet trimming, don’t fear about drying but and go to step 2.

Step 2: Remove fan leaves

Fan leaves are the iconic cannabis leaves with 5 or seven factors. The plant has had these leaves because it was within the vegetative stage. Fan leaves have little to no trichomes, so eliminate them.

If trimming wet, it could also be faster to gently pull these off together with your fingers, however they are often snipped off with scissors too. If dry trimming, you’ll have to snip them.

Step 3: Buck buds from the department

Once fan leaves are off, lower off particular person buds from branches, additionally known as “bucking.”

Trimmers normally create a pile of buds to work on, both on a desk or in a bowl or tray.

Make certain to maintain a separate pile for branches, stems, and fan leaves, and compost them.

Step 4: Trim buds

Now that you’re down to simply buds, get to trimming. If buds are too massive, break them down into smaller buds. An enormous bud would possibly look superior, however it won’t dry as evenly, making it prone to mold.

To trim:

– Trim the stem at the underside of the bud as carefully as you possibly can with out inflicting the bud to interrupt down. You don’t need the stem to be uncovered wherever however at the underside.

– Remove the crow’s ft-these are the leaves at the underside that appear like little chook ft. Trim off further plant matter. Manicure the bud. Angle your scissors. Keep them shifting. After a whilst you won’t even give it some thought.

The aim is to remove every thing that isn’t totally coated in trichomes. Create a uniform floor space across the buds. This contains taking down crimson pistils all of the approach to the foliage. Pistils have little or no to zero trichomes.

Put all of your completed buds in a separate bowl or tray.

If wet trimming, you’ll want to place your completed buds on a drying rack for just a few days. If dry trimming, you’ll need to jar up your buds for curing.

Learn extra about drying and curing right here.

Pro ideas for trimming weed

Ensure to gather your trim. You may dry it too and both smoke it or use it to make edibles or different cannabis merchandise.

Remember to wipe your scissors with alcohol or swap them out with one other pair after they get coated in resin. Also, be sure to keep away from shaving off massive sections of the nug directly-this isn’t nice for the bud and it’ll scale back your yield.

Some trimmers save their “finger hash” or “scissor hash,” which is resin that builds up in your fingers or scissors when trimming. That is completely high quality to smoke, it simply could also be just a little harsh.

Hand-trimmed vs. machine-trimmed weed

As a homegrower, you’ll probably be trimming your weed by hand, however some do put money into machine trimmers to chop out the monotonous trimming half. Commercial growers typically use machine trimmers as a result of they course of such a big amount of buds.

Pros and cons of hand trimming marijuana


– Cheap

– Individual buds could be formed to deliver out the qualities of every pressure

– Issues like mold or insects could be noticed


– It’s messy-you’ll need plenty of rubbing alcohol or coconut oil round

– Time-consuming

– Usually should depend on some buddies to assist

Pros and cons of machine trimming marijuana

The excessive demand for cannabis has paved the way in which for brand new applied sciences and a complete vary of machine trimmers. These trimmers do an unbelievable job of processing buds shortly, so they’re primarily utilized by massive-scale growers producing for the low finish of the market.

Highly environment friendly higher-degree techniques just like the Twister T2 (~$12,000) can trim as much as 19 lbs per hour, and decrease-priced methods exist, such because the Trimpro Rotor ($1,750), for industrial growers. For homegrowers, there are trimmers such because the iPower ($120).